My School Montessori is a Covid-19 safe school
  • Basic French (Speaking and Listening skills-age 3 years onwards)
  • Basic Kiswahili (Speaking and Listening skills-age 3 years onwards)
  • Computer Lessons (age 4.6 years onwards)
  • Music
  • Horse Riding
  • Music, Movement, and Drama
  • Swimming Lessons (Paddling pool with warm water for infants and heated child-sized swimming pool for three plus on our own premises)
  • Visual Timetable
  • Brain Gym

These are carried out within school hours

  • Ballet
  • Monkeynastix
  • Fusion Dance
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Drama

Computer Lessons – Once the children have learnt skills like matching, sorting and seriating practically with the use of the Montessori equipment, we begin to develop the same skills at a more abstract level through the use of computer activities and games. Special Education Needs Children also get to do certain specialized programmes.

Horse Riding – The children enjoy pony rides once a week. This is also an extra beneficial activity for some of the Special Educational Needs children.

Music, Movement and Drama – The children participate in Music, Movement and Drama lessons which are in-built in our daily curriculum, and which enhance their creative performance. We celebrate many of the festivals of the different cultures from around the world. At the end of the academic year, all the children perform a Musical Concert for their parents.

Swimming Lessons – We use paddling pools for infants. And a heated child-sized swimming pool for the 3+ year old children on our premises. The children’s self confidence develops easily with the child size purpose built pool and therefore helps them to acquire their swimming skills effortlessly.

Brain Gym® movements, exercises, or activities refer to the original 26 Brain Gym movements, sometimes abbreviated as the 26. These activities recall the movements naturally done during the first years of life when learning to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands, and whole body. The twenty-six activities, along with a program for “learning through movement” were developed by educator and reading specialist Paul E. Dennison and his wife and colleague, Gail E. Dennison who say that the interdependence of movement, cognition, and applied learning is the basis of their work. Our children practice Brain Gym every morning.

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