“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the period from birth to the age of six…. For that is the time when intelligence itself, the greatest implement, is being formed….” Dr. Maria Montessori(1870-1952)

My School is a well established 19 year old Montessori Nursery, Kindergarten and Pre-school. It is a converted bungalow set on a one acre land in Westlands with a swimming pool, horse riding area, a trampoline, and a beautiful lawn. We at My School (Montessori), integrate both Regular and Special Needs children of mild to moderate disabilities, within every class situation. We take children aged 18 months to 6 years in the normal category, and 18 months to 10 years of age for the Special Educational Needs category. The teaching ratio is 1 teacher for every 5 students. All teachers and teaching assistants are Montessori qualified from reputable colleges locally or internationally.



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Aims and Principles of My School (Montessori)

  • To teach the children the three R’s of education, “the Reading, Writing and Arithmetic skills” using the structured Montessori Method of Education.
  • To expose the children to the multi-cultural and environmental experiences, from which they can gain a global perspective of the world in which they live.
  • To provide a happy atmosphere where children can acquire self-esteem, positive attitudes, self-motivation, self-discipline, independence and a creative imagination.
  • To give a chance to every child to holistically develop all his/her faculties, leaving it to us to tap onto any budding talents for building on and expanding further.
  • To integrate the mild to moderate special educational needs children with the normal children.



Integration is spiritually enriching for normal children, whilst growing up knowing that not everyone is the same. This would help them to become better members of the society.